Supply chain

We engage with suppliers that share our vision and values to enable us to align and maximise our offering to our clients.

Collaboration and delivering mutual benefits form the basis of our approach to our supply chain strategy which establishes and maintains long-term trading relationships with key subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers.

Management and compliance

Delivering projects to achieve our customers’ requirements and our aspirations relies on us having the best possible relationships. Achieving targets for improving the performance of our business on many social, environmental and economic performance indicators is only possible if we work with organisations that share our commitment.

We actively engage with our supply chain to promote our principles and practices.

Our supply chain predominantly consists of subcontractors, who operate on our sites, and suppliers, who provide materials. We select and manage our subcontractors and some materials suppliers at a local level to maximise local economic impact, but in accordance with robust procedures to minimise risk to our projects. This approach is coupled with the central procurement of key commodities to benefit from strategic supplier partnerships and economies of scale.

We engage with our supply chain using a range of methods such as Meet the Buyer events, meetings, workshops and conferences.

Via Advantage through Alignment, we work with leading supply chain members to create a mutually-beneficial understanding that ensures all parties involved recognise the values and underlying aims of all our businesses and reflect that as part of our long-term collaborative relationships. Simon Stone Head of Supply Chain Management, Galliford Try


Advantage through Alignment

Advantage through Alignment is an initiative designed to increase both engagement and involvement with our supply chain.

The five pillars of the scheme are based on increasing communication between all parties, giving the supply chain better visibility of our pipeline of work, providing greater insight into Galliford Try’s operations and implementing 360 reviews and an improved feedback process. The ongoing dialogue also allows Galliford Try to gain a better understanding of the requirements of supply chain members and their key drivers.

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