Our culture

We believe success comes from our people, so we create a culture at Galliford Try in which people can thrive.

The construction industry is all about providing solutions for people.

We believe that the key to creating great facilities and infrastructure that benefit all our communities is to support our people and enable an environment in which they can thrive.

We recognise that diversity of thought, approaches and experiences enrich our culture so we continually strive to create an environment which is inclusive.

Our starting point is creating an environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued and included so they are motivated to give their best whatever their background. We provide flexibility through our agile and smart working methods that allow our people to reach their potential at every level.

Our vision is to be a people-orientated, progressive business, driven by our values to deliver lasting change for our stakeholders and the communities we work in." Bill Hocking Chief Executive, Galliford Try

We are led by our Chief Executive Bill Hocking and his leadership team, who live our values and strongly advocate our people-first approach. This is achieved for our clients and communities through our network of local offices within the strong framework of a national business.

The combination of the quality-assured processes and forward-thinking management systems of a dynamic organisation, with the local knowledge and expertise of our teams on the ground, gives us a compelling advantage. Our commitment to doing the right thing means we create greater social value.