Delivering excellence for our clients is key to the long-term sustainability of our business.

Our relationships and built on transparency, honesty and, above all, our values of Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration.

Management and compliance

Exceptional standards in both customer service and satisfaction are achieved through continual monitoring, assessment and refinement of our delivery processes.

Through mutual trust and open dialogue we get to understand our client’s ambitions and then we work collaboratively to become our clients’ long-term partners and deliver our shared goals.

The quality of our buildings is ensured through regular internal audits conducted by our dedicated Quality Managers, as well as external audits, of our ISO 9001 certified management system. We actively engage in dialogue with our customers at various levels within the organisation and have been accredited with ISO 44001 for our approach to collaboration.

Our Delivering Excellence framework additionally helps us to achieve high levels of client satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is independently assessed by a third party on a project by project basis and we use a dedicated software platform to internally analyse the data and develop improvement plans. Our internal Infrastructure Excellence awards provide another opportunity to recognise project achievements.

Key Performance Indicators


We continue to achieve good levels of client satisfaction, with a score of eight out of ten in our client feedback surveys (2018: eight) and a high net promoter score of 77.7% who recommend us to other clients. Client satisfaction is linked to quality and we have created a new assurance director role, covering both safety and quality. We are also increasing the use of technology to record and track site inspections, ensuring each element of a project is completed to the required high standards.

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