Off-site and MMC

The pace of change within construction has increased as technological advances spur new building methods. At Galliford Try, we focus on finding the best solutions, whatever challenge is placed in front of us.


We continually look for better, more efficient ways of operating in all facets of our work, none more so than in the way we build things.

Galliford Try has fully embraced Modern Methods of Construction, utilising pre-manufactured components to deliver time and cost-savings, allowing end-users to access facilities quicker and with a higher level of quality assurance.

Our outstanding project at Park View Student Village in Newcastle is an exemplar in this field, where over 1,000 student bedrooms were delivered almost a year earlier than traditional methods would have taken to deliver the building.

We share our learning and innovation with our supply chain and client teams, holding regular workshops to discuss our latest advances and developments within the wider industry.

We also work with Higher Education institutions on a regular basis to further research and develop design and construction methods.

With the University of Southampton and our partners at architects Scott Brownrigg we collaborated on our Optimum Schools project, creating a kit-of-parts approach to school design that allows greater standardisation to cut costs and programme time, while still allowing schools to be bespoke and fit their needs and environment.

We are also working with University of Reading, helping research into how kinetic energy can help power the smart motorways of the future, and with the University of Loughborough, using data intelligence to help plan project outcomes more accurately and efficiently.

We retain our own testing and research facilities and continue to develop our thinking across a range of construction areas to ensure we are delivering the best for clients and the people who use the facilities and infrastructure we provide.