Wembley Stadium 5G

Client Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd (CTIL)

Sector Telecoms

Location Southern England

Value £120k

Galliford Try Telecoms successfully delivered the installation of a complex rooftop telecoms site on behalf of Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd within 15 days of instruction to ensure mobile phone coverage at Wembley on FA Cup Final day.

The installation presented many challenges, including the inability to use a crane to lift equipment to its rooftop setting and tight logistical issues due to ongoing works in the area, requiring the team to find alternative solutions to ensure the equipment was located where it needed to be on time.

Once initial works were complete, the team provided support to the other suppliers acting on behalf of the operators to ensure all their services were delivered in time for the site to go live on the target date of 13 May just before the FA Cup Final two days later.

Due to the national prominence of the site and the tight timings, a highly-focused and collaborative approach to delivery was required with GT Telecoms successful in designing and delivering a new site for both operators in just six weeks, a process that normally takes months to complete.