Milton Keynes Cancer Centre


Sector Health

Location East Midlands

Value £13m

The Milton Keynes Cancer Centre for the first time brings all the cancer services provided by Milton Keynes University Hospital under one roof in a bespoke building.

The Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust had long identified the consolidation of services as key to providing a more efficient experience for patients, plan for an increase in capacity to match growing demand and allow more people to receive treatment locally, rather than travelling outside the region to receive care.

Galliford Try were engaged to build the 3,000 sqm centre, which includes a 24-bed ward, consultation rooms, therapy treatment rooms and outpatient assessment units. The design incorporates a curved, glazed area for chemotherapy chairs, using natural light to create a calmer, brighter area for patients to receive treatment.

The centre includes its own Phlebotomy facility and an Aseptic preparation unit, as well as staff facilities, allowing for an all-encompassing building. The centre is connected by a walkway to the rest of the hospital and has been built in a flexible way to allow the addition of further accommodation in the future.