Lincoln Eastern Bypass

Client Lincolnshire County Council

Sector Highways

Location Lincoln

Value £72m

The A15 Lincoln Eastern Bypass is a 7.5km road designed to minimise traffic congestion around the historic city of Lincoln.

A new road for Lincolnshire County Council will link the A158 Wragby Road roundabout to the A15 at Bracebridge Heath and is the penultimate step in creating a ring road for the city. The project aims to improve Lincoln’s infrastructure, encourage growth, minimise traffic congestion and enhance the inter-city environment.

The main feature is a bridge consisting of five 50m spans over River Witham, two adjacent drainage channels and a Sustrans path. During construction a 140m long Bailey bridge was put in place across the watercourses so that wagons did not need to travel through the town centre.

The scheme also includes four roundabouts, 7.5km of new road and three non-motorised user bridges. The design has been future-proofed with extra wide bridges and roundabouts to facilitate expansion to a dual carriageway.

Nearly all the one million cubic metres of fill is site-won. Some will be used to fill in a quarry that lies on the route of the new road and some for new embankments.

An archaeological dig ahead of construction revealed a wide range of major discoveries of national and international importance from every period of over 12,000 years of human history in the Witham valley. Over 200,000 artefacts were unearthed in all.