Highlands & Islands

Client Telecoms

Sector Telecoms

Location Scotland

Value £50m

Under Galliford Try Telecoms Telefonica framework we delivered a network of radio access network (RAN) sites around the Scottish Highlands & Islands allowing our client to provide a variety of services in these remote and rural geographical areas.

The project includes a full range of services including site acquisition, detailed site design, construction, installation of antennas and cabling, technical equipment delivery, installation, commissioning, and the provision of power to the sites.

Design solutions in the Scottish Highlands & Islands region present significant challenges especially when considering the constructability of sites, with ‘safety by design’ at the heart of our design ethos. Galliford Try Telecoms design team, in conjunction with our dedicated North build project team, delivered effective, innovative solutions for each rural site. Weather, ferry timetables, local facilities, and a range of environmental impacts all provide further challenges when programming the works.

Planning the works safely, including access to the remote sites was extremely challenging based on the topography, local road networks and communication networks. In addition to traditional construction planning, Galliford Try Telecoms project team has developed a network of stakeholders to utilise creative solutions for logistics and site access with a range of specialist vehicles, helicopters and lifting equipment.