Technical Services appoints Dr Roxi Mkhani for Knowledge Transfer Partnership project with Kingston University

Topic Partnership, Technical Services, Innovation

Date 07 Jun 2024

Galliford Try’s Technical Services team has appointed Dr Roxi Mkhani to support a Knowledge Transfer Partnership project with Kingston University.

The 30-month project, funded through a £131,000 grant from UK Research and Investment, plans to revolutionise our approach to construction quality management. The project will see the design and development of a groundbreaking system, which integrates Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to optimise quality through improvements in the prediction and prevention of errors.

The Get It Right Initiative has estimated that rework accounts for around 21% of construction activity. The development of this system will support the minimisation of errors, save time and contribute to the targets in the new Sustainable Growth Strategy.

Dr Mkhani has over 13 years’ experience in the field, holding a PhD in Physical Chemistry and has conducted extensive research in developing theoretical models to predict the behaviour of materials crucial for petroleum production. She recently completed a second master’s degree in data science, further enhancing her expertise in data analysis and machine learning.

She commented: “Over the next two and a half years, I am looking forward to collaborating teams across Galliford Try to create high-quality data and review the outputs from this research project. By working together, we can create a system that transforms how Galliford Try identifies and avoids quality risks.”

Group Head of Quality Ruth Stockdale added: “Minimising construction error is a complex challenge. This project will produce tangible benefits for our teams in finding those incremental improvements that will enhance performance, directly supporting Galliford Try's dedication to better quality.”