Off-site solution for treatment works earns rewards

Topic Projects, MMC

Date 08 Mar 2022

Galliford Try’s installation of a steam boiler at Goddards Green Wastewater Treatment Works (WwTW) using an off-site solution has reduced construction time on site as well as bringing health, safety, carbon and community benefits.

Manufactured and installed by Dunphy, the modularised plant room was fully fired and tested off site before delivery in two days using DfMA (Designed for Manufacture and Assembly) to allow modular construction of the building and plant, thereby reducing the amount of time spent on site during the installation.

The reduction of time spent working on site also has health and safety benefits, as more work is completed in a safer factory setting, and many of the hazards of a live site can be reduced or avoided.

Steam is required for the Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP), which produces a higher quality sludge for digestion. This process significantly reduces odour in the sludge cake, a key project driver for reducing the impact on neighbouring communities and paving the way for future housing developments. Optimally, the digesters produce enough biogas to run both the steam boiler and the existing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant. This means that fossil fuels are not required to produce the steam and also reduces the amount of electricity purchased for site operations.

Waste heat from the CHP is also supplied to the boiler, reducing the amount of biogas used to make steam, allowing more biogas for electricity production.

Steve Slessor, Managing Director of Galliford Try’s Environment business, said: “We all have a part to play in decarbonising the UK environment and this project is exemplar.

“Design collaboration from the earliest stages of the project has provided tangible benefits in terms of cost, speed, and sustainability for the project, as well as health and safety benefits. These small but practical examples are a core part of our Sustainable Growth Strategy, and we are delighted with the work here at Goddards Green STW.”