Meet WELL-I-AM the new wellbeing member at Galliford Try

Topic People

Date 28 Jun 2022

The team at the Assembly project in Bristol have recruited a new member called WELL-I-AM who likes to keep a low profile, but has managed to become the new centre of attention.

Keeping a watchful eye on his peers, WELL-I-AM makes sure that the wellbeing of his team members on site is carefully looked after. The construction team are able to privately leave their phone number or jot down their thoughts on a piece of paper and place this in his bright red heart pouch if they’re struggling with their mental health or need someone to talk to.

The Mental Health First Aider (MFHA) working on the project checks the messages once a day in the safely secured zipper pocket to ensure support can be given. This initiative was creatively created by Paul Pearce, MHFA at Assembly (whose seamstress wife Lucy create the heart pouch) and Carmen Hernandez who put their passion and dedication in to the idea with the backing of their team, Senior Site Managers, Richard Rowley and Paul Goodwin, alongside the Regional Health Safety and Environmental team.

With support from Dodds, the mechanical and electrical subcontractor on the project, WELL-I-AM endeavours to promote mental health awareness and be a key asset to the Galliford Try team.

WELL-I-AM speaking through an interpreter, said: “I heard a few people having a conversation about the stress, mental health and wellbeing not being that good in the construction industry. I pondered on this for a day or two thinking what I could do, so after gaining permission from the tin man society I pulled myself together and here I am to make my small contribution to the wellbeing of all on site.”

“Oh, I absolutely love it as everyone working on site says good morning when coming to the office & welfare before they go to work. When they are on their way into site, I give them a smile and they give me a high-five. I’ve told them all that I’m here to talk or for hugs anytime.”