Galliford Try wins gold at international Green Apple Awards

Topic Awards

Date 19 Nov 2021

Hot on the heels of COP26, Galliford Try’s Asset Security team has scooped the top award for Environmental Best Practice, winning Gold in the Electrical and Electronics category for its approach to environmental improvement and biodiversity enhancement across electronic security projects.

The accolade, an early success following the launch of the Group’s Sustainable Growth Strategy, came following judges’ assessment of key project credentials with outstanding environmental achievements. Praise was given to the environmental success of a security upgrade programme for a UK Government client, delivered by the Asset Security businesses’ in-house security design, installation, and commissioning teams, which joined Galliford Try as part of the nmcn acquisition in October.

One example project for the upgrade of CCTV and access control systems across a large, sensitive Government estate was recognised for introducing environmental best practice at the concept design stage and driving environmental value through to completion. This involved the introduction of innovation to reduce waste, re-design of extant approaches to reduce habitat loss and creation of new habitat and enhanced biodiversity across the site. The net effect of our security installation was that the team was able to leave the client's site with a high level and quality of biodiversity support that the site would not have had without the work being undertaken.

Uzair Osman, Managing Director of Galliford Try’s Asset Security business, said: “It’s deeply thought-provoking to receive this award for our efforts in enhancing the environment through security project work. We have set a new industry benchmark in our approach to carbon reduction and environmental best practice in the security industry and set a strong baseline from which we can further develop our responsibility to the environment. This environmental initiative confirms that ‘business as usual’ can offer significant environmental benefits, an often over-looked advantage to a security installer’s work, for security clients.

“My thanks and congratulations go out to all our people involved in and dedicated to the work that underpins this award and I look forward to building on the success as we play our part in the Sustainable Growth Strategy.”

The award recognises new in-house skills of Galliford Try, underlining the additional benefits of the recent nmcn acquisition in terms of both in-house security expertise and award-winning commitment to carbon reduction and sustainability through their work. It highlights the role contractors across the Security and wider engineering and construction industries have in reducing carbon and enhancing environmental outputs as part of technical security projects.