Galliford Try team helps with new BIM guidelines

Topic Innovation, BIM

Date 25 Sep 2020

Members of Galliford Try’s BIM (Building Information Modelling) team have been playing their part in defining the new British and international standards for how the construction industry makes best use of the process along with supporting guidances.

John Ford, Galliford Try’s BIM and Digital Delivery Lead, has been working with the UKBIMFramework group responsible for drafting the new suite of standards and guidance resources, some of which will be free for the whole industry to use when looking to modernise their approach to information production and management.

The UK BIM Framework has been developed as a collaboration between the British Standards Institute, the Cambridge Centre for a Digital Britain and the UK BIM Alliance. The process has involved a network of peers working with BIM in the construction industry, developing best practice in this fast-evolving area.

John, who authored Parts B, C and F of the new framework, commented: “It has been extremely rewarding to be at the heart of a project like this, which will be of benefit to so many businesses within our industry.

“We are only scratching at the surface of the potential for BIM within construction and at Galliford Try we are committed to being at the cutting edge of practice in the coming years.”