Galliford Try participates in The Future of Engineering initiative launch at the Institution of Civil Engineers HQ

Topic People

Date 07 Nov 2023




Representatives from Galliford Try were present at the launch of a new promotional initiative, entitled The Future of Engineering, at the London headquarters of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

Encompassing video and editorial content on Galliford Try, this initiative - a multimedia online hub - also incorporates two exciting new documentaries, Putting the Smart into Cities and Inspiring Future Generations.

Exploring the ideas, innovations and individuals driving the development of sustainable, smart cities across the globe, Putting the Smart into Cities not only engages and educates its audience, but also provides a platform for further debate and discussion around the present and future challenges of urban living.

Complementing this, Inspiring Future Generations presents an insight into the wider world of engineering, both for young people looking to pursue a career in the industry and for those who have already embarked on a related profession.

In addition, The Future of Engineering includes in-depth video case studies and written content on a range of related companies and organisations who are leading the way in their respective fields.

As part of their collaborative partnership, Galliford Try’s Mariana Gonzalez, Head of Process Solutions, along with Siemen’s Head of IoT Applications, Adam Cartwright, give an exclusive interview for the initiative, along with a host of leaders and experts from civil engineering and its associated fields, as well as new employees including graduates, presenting a fascinating exploration of urban living and how engineers – both present and future – will continue to shape our world.

Mariana Gonzalez, Head of Process Solutions, Galliford Try, said: “We are proud to be a part of The Future of Engineering initiative, launched in association with ICE, and grateful for the opportunity to showcase how we at Galliford Try and Siemens are partnering to help UK water companies optimise new and existing infrastructure assets across their lifecycle with a focus on reducing pollution, operational costs, and achieving net zero through our complementary expertise in design, build and operation of water and wastewater assets.”