Galliford Try achieves PLEDGER level for Carbon Reduction Code

Topic Carbon, Sustainability

Date 05 Jul 2023

Galliford Try has received confirmation from the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC), that the business has achieved the PLEDGER level of the Carbon Reduction Code for the Built Environment.

The Carbon Reduction Code, which is hosted by CSIC and is part of the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLIC) Construct Zero initiative, is structured around commitments that stimulate action in different aspects of carbon reduction. It is intended to create a community of built environment organisations that support each other and help everyone to reach the destination of net zero.

All organisations which comply at PLEDGER level of the Code must set out and publish plans to meet Net Zero by 2045, including annual targets, recognising that the majority of cuts need to be made by 2030, and publish progress against it annually. Galliford Try has previously announced plans to meet these targets here.

Phil Tompkins, Director of Risk and Sustainability for Galliford Try, commented: “Galliford Try is committed to ambitious net zero carbon targets as part of our Sustainable Growth Strategy, and the Carbon Reduction Code is an important recognition of the journey we are undertaking.

“The commitments within the Code align with the challenging goals we have set ourselves and we look forward to working with our clients, supply chain and wider stakeholders to ensure we meet our pledges and help in the climate crisis.”