FM team sponsors Surrey Police puppy

Topic Social Value

Date 14 Jan 2021

Galliford Try is donating £2,500 towards a puppy from the Surrey Police Dog School as a part of its ongoing relationship with Surrey Police.

“Copper”, a recently born German Shepherd puppy, was bred as part of a scheme by the world-leading police dog training school which breeds and trains dogs for the many needs and requirements of police forces, Government agencies, and private security firms, both nationally and internationally.

Before Copper becomes an operational police dog, he will live with a ‘puppy walker’ family for up to 12 months, with the aim to raise him in an environment where he can learn to socialise with people, animals and different environments and noises. Monthly classes at the school will provide training from experienced instructors, and between 12-18 months of age, Copper will begin his police dog training course.

James Liddle, Contract Manager for Galliford Try Facilities Management, said: “Having worked with Surrey Police for two years, we can see first-hand the importance of well-trained dogs to the police service and community, and were delighted to be able to sponsor Copper from the school’s latest litter.”

Geoff Wiltshire who is the Dog School and Operational Manager for Surrey and Sussex Police said: “Surrey Police are very grateful for this donation and all of the money will be reinvested back into the enrichment and welfare of this wonderful animal. Our dogs carry out many diverse and challenging roles. They search for explosives, drugs and cash. They find missing vulnerable people and they often find the important missing link in many crimes. Copper will be put through a challenging training programme over the next year and we hope that you follow his development.”