Armed Forces Day 2024

Topic People, Defence

Date 29 Jun 2024

This Saturday is Armed Forces Day, a nationwide tribute to the individuals who serve in the British Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force. This annual event honours the dedication, sacrifice and contributions of military personnel, past and present, to the nation's security.

Armed Forces Day events are taking place across the country, from parades and flypasts, to community fairs and military displays. These celebrations aim to foster a closer connection between the Armed Forces and the public, showcasing the diverse roles and skills of service members.

The day also provides an opportunity to honour veterans and their families, acknowledging the ongoing contributions they make to society. Initiatives such as job fairs and support services are highlighted, demonstrating the nation's commitment to providing for those who have served.

At Galliford Try, we employ a number of ex-servicemen and women, as well as current reservists. The business’ dedication to supporting members of the armed forces can be seen through our Military programme that includes support such as placement opportunities for upcoming service leavers, tailored policies, and a buddy system for ex-forces employee that have transitioned from military to civilian life. This system provides these employees with a friendly ear to share experiences with and ask for support. 

In addition to this, the business also has a Teams page specifically for those who were previously or are currently in the armed forces, to share news of upcoming events and sponsoring opportunities, as well as to offer each other support and network.

Karl Stone, now a Framework Manager for Galliford Try Asset Intelligence, was with the military for 38 years, after joining the Junior Leaders Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps in 1985, aged 16.

Karl has held all ranks, apart from WO1 (Warrant Officer), up to the rank of Captain and lived and served in Germany and Cyprus, as well as working in America, Canada, Italy, France and Morocco. In addition to this, Karl has been on a number of tours abroad, including Northern Ireland, Bosnia and both Iraq wars.

Karl said: “The military has changed dramatically since when I joined, but the people are still exceptional and form a fantastic team. I feel very lucky to have worked with great people serving a great nation,” he explains.

Karl is positive about the change he has made, commenting: “Transitioning to civilian life has been fairly easy for me, which was surprising after so many years in the Army. 

“Galliford Try has an excellent ex-forces programme, which is greatly beneficial. There is a very strong cohort of ex-service people within the business, and alongside the Group’s camaraderie, Galliford Try’s understanding and genuine embrace of service leaders, has assisted me massively with the transition.”

Karl believes that the transferrable skills service leaders can bring are of vital importance in both making the transition and being able to make a difference to Galliford Try.

“The professionalism, work ethic and esprit de corps learnt in the Army has assisted with the job I now do,” he says. “But above all, the leadership knowledge and life experience are vital tools that I have transferred across to my role within Galliford Try and help my colleagues.”

Karl is still serving in the Army Reserves and is delighted to be able to combine this responsibility with his role at Galliford Try.

“Being a Reservist is an absolute honour and fills me with a sense of pride to still be involved with the military.” Karl commented, “It truly means a lot to me, especially as I work with such enthusiastic, dedicated and professional people.”