Apprenticeships and traineeships

At Galliford Try we understand that your career path is as individual as you are.

After leaving school or college studying full time isn’t for everyone and we know how enthusiastic some people can be to start learning about their chosen profession on the job.

If you’re eager to start getting hands-on, practical work experience and gain a recognised qualification, then our Trainee Programmes could be the foundation for your career in Galliford Try.

Our Apprenticeships and Trainee Level Programmes have carefully selected training partners, including the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), local colleges and universities and national apprenticeship providers, to ensure you get the most enriching learning experience available and allow you to grow your peer network.

As you will be hired to a permanent job, you will  experience working to real deadlines, involvement in live projects and benefit from the experience of the team around you.

The programme you choose and the qualification you gain will be tailored to you. There is some helpful information below about what we offer to help you decide which scheme is most suitable.

Trade apprenticeships

Galliford Try Trade Apprenticeships will allow you to gain hands-on work experience with day release/block learning.

Construction trainee

As a Construction Trainee, you will be placed in a team that will offer hands on experience in a technical role.

Intermediate apprenticeships

Intermediate or Level 2 Apprenticeships offer a great starting place for school leavers, providing you with the essential skills and knowledge to help you grow into your chosen professional route. An Intermediate Apprenticeship will take you around two to three years to complete and is the equivalent qualification of five GCSEs.

Advanced apprenticeships

An Advanced or Level 3 Apprenticeship will offer you more complex learning and a role that will provide you will more technical exposure and responsibilities. The apprenticeship is expected to take around two to three years to complete. Completion of an Advanced Apprenticeship is equivalent to two A Levels.

Higher & degree level apprenticeships

If you have already secured A Levels (or equivalent, including an Advanced Level Apprenticeship) and want to continue studying towards a Level 4/6 qualification, then joining us as a Trainee will give you the flexibility to attend college or university while working with the opportunity to be involved and have some responsibility in your role.

Current opportunities

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