Covid-19 response

As a progressive and responsive employer, the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, subcontractors and suppliers on our sites, and the public around them, is our number one priority

In response to Covid-19, we have implemented a number of additional measures to protect these groups, working in compliance with guidance from the Government and the Site Operating Procedures published by the Construction Leadership Council. We continue to review and evolve our approach on an ongoing basis to ensure we protect our teams, those working with them, and those in their vicinity as best as we possibly can.

Strong leadership and transparent communication

Frequent communication from our Executive Board and Senior Leadership Team has ensured that clear leadership is provided to our people, messaging is spread widely and consistently, and that new procedures are embedded rapidly and effectively.

We have additionally established a Covid-19 Working Group, chaired by our Group Technical Director to establish clear new working practices and share good practice across our Group, including preparation for any potential future Covid-19 disruption. Clear and regular communication to our people has helped our teams to fully understand our response to Covid-19 and the important part they play in it.

Maximising our agile working capabilities

Our investment in smart and agile working has paid huge dividends, providing a productive and efficient way to work for our teams to work from home during the pandemic. The reduction in time spent travelling also helps the environment, gives our people a better work-life balance and is saving our business time and money.

Risk assessment

We have risk assessed our workplaces and modified or curtailed activities to ensure that no work is undertaken if we are unable to fully comply with the hygiene and social distancing guidelines or if our people cannot travel safely to work. Sites that remain operating do so under the strictest of parameters, as set out by the Construction Leadership Council, in conjunction with our own rigorous risk assessments. Where possible, our people continue to work from home.


Delivering for our clients

We are committed to delivering excellence for our clients and this is underpinned by our collaborative nature. We continue to monitor the situation and liaise with our clients on all projects. We are adapting to new and emerging challenges, improving and embedding our learning, and driving a ‘best in class’ approach across our processes, digital strategy, knowledge share and innovation to ensure we meet our clients’ future requirements.

A strong supply chain

Having a robust and supportive supply chain has never been more vital and so we have been working very closely with key members of our supply chain to support them through prompt payment; by providing visibility of our pipeline; and sharing our guidance and resources on how to protect their workforce during the pandemic.

Supporting the NHS

We are proud of the part we have played as part of the national effort against Covid-19.

Working in partnership with Hub South East and NHS Lothian, we have been assisting with the preparation and maintenance of four new vaccination centres that are delivering the Covid-19 vaccine to residents across the region >>>

As part of our role as a P22 Principal Supply Chain Partner contractor organisation, we have supported the NHS in its Covid response, mobilising teams on two new Nightingale hospitals in little more than a fortnight. In Scotland, our Facilities Management and Morrison Construction business have been assisting NHS Lothian with getting four new vaccine centres around the region up and running.