Sustainability is not a separate part of Galliford Try but embedded throughout our business.  Our approach is strategic, with clearly defined objectives and targets that appropriately address the sustainability risks and opportunities facing our business and our stakeholders.  We monitor performance through a robust governance structure and are committed to publicly reporting our progress.

Sustainability Reporting

We are committed to transparent reporting on our sustainability approach. Sustainability forms an integral part of how we work therefore it is appropriate that performance against each of our fundamental pillars is captured within our Annual Report.

In line with the figures in our Annual Report, our sustainability performance on our website, unless otherwise stated, is reported for our financial year, which runs from 1st July of the previous year to 30th June of the year stated.

The data reported on our website and in other reports is collected throughout the year by dedicated personnel from each Division and then centrally compiled, scrutinised and verified by members of our Group Health, Safety and Sustainability team. For consistency, for the last three years we have reported on the same Key Performance Indicators, which we believe to be reflective of our business. Other pertinent issues, achievements, and areas of concern are all reported as deemed appropriate, fair, and honest by the committee responsible for production of our reports.